Welcome to NREL-PySAM’s documentation!

NREL-PySAM is a wrapper for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s System Advisor Model (SAM).

SAM is a performance and financial model designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry:

  • Project managers and engineers
  • Policy analysts
  • Technology developers
  • Researchers

SAM is open-source. PySAM provides a native Python interface for the models found in SAM Simulation Core, SSC.

Version 2.0 and Upgrading from Older Versions

Between major version changes, in addition to new features, modules and bug fixes, the group to which a variable belongs may change. The groups should stabilize after the initial releases. Please see Version 2.0.2 for more details.

Getting Started

For Python 3.5 to 3.8, as NREL-PySAM is available on PyPi. It is also availabble on Anaconda for MacOSX up to 3.8 and on Windows up to 3.7. NREL-PySAM-stubs is the stub file package providing auto-completion features.

To install from PyPi:

pip install NREL-PySAM

To install from Anaconda, the NREL channel needs to be appended:

conda config --env --append channels nrel
conda install nrel-pysam

Each technology and financial model is its own module, which can be imported by:

import PySAM.<PySAM Module>

The original Python SDK, PySSC, is bundled, and can be imported by:

from PySAM.PySSC import PySSC

For examples of using PySAM modules, see Examples

Available Models

For a table of available models, see Modules, or refer to Module Index.

SAM Configurations

For a table of SAM configurations and the sequence of models required to run them, see Configuration Names and SSC Models.

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