Welcome to PySAM’s documentation!

PySAM is a wrapper for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s System Advisor Model (SAM).

SAM is a performance and financial model designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry:

  • Project managers and engineers
  • Policy analysts
  • Technology developers
  • Researchers

SAM is open-source. PySAM provides a native Python interface for the models found in SAM Simulation Core, SSC.

Getting Started

PySAM is available on PyPi and Anaconda (Windows and MacOSX only) as NREL-PySAM. NREL-PySAM-stubs is the stub file package providing autocompletion features.

To install from PyPi:

pip install NREL-PySAM

To install from Anaconda, the NREL channel needs to be appended:

conda config --append channels NREL
conda install -c nrel nrel-pysam

Each technology and financial model is its own module, which can be imported by:

import PySAM.<PySAM Module>

The original Python SDK, PySSC, is bundled, and can be imported by:

from PySAM.PySSC import PySSC

There are three methods to create a new instance of a PySAM module. Using default populates the newclass’ attributes with default values specific to a config. Each technology-financialconfiguration corresponds to a SAM GUI configuration. Using new creates an instance with empty attributes. The wrap function allows compatibility with PySSC, for details, refer to PySSC.

Create a new empty model:

PySAM.<PySAM Module>.new()

Create a new model with values assigned from defaults:

PySAM.<PySAM Module>.default(string configuration)

Built-in documentation is also available with help.

View parameter groups per class and available default values:

help(PySAM.<PySAM Module>)

View descriptions of parameters in a group:

help(PySAM.<PySAM Module>.<group>)

Available Models

For a table of available models, see Module Names and Descriptions, or refer to Module Index.

SAM Configurations

For a table of SAM configurations and the sequence of models required to run them, see Configuration Names and SSC Models.

Importing a SAM GUI Case

For an example of how to import the modules and variables from a SAM GUI Case, see To import a case from the SAM GUI.

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