Identifying Variables


This section is a draft to be revised and expanded.

Use the following tools to get information about input and output variables:

  • SAM’s input browser (File > Inputs browser) maps SAM variable labels to SSC variable names. SAM user interface input variable labels that you see in the user interface are usually the same as or similar to the variable labels in SSC, but in some cases they may be different. For example, the label for module_type in both SSC and SAM is “Module type,” but the SSC label for system_capacity is “System size (DC nameplate)” and its label in SAM is “System nameplate capacity.”

  • SAM’s script editor (File > New script, then click Variables in the script editor) lists all input and output variables by configuration.

  • The SDK tool’s module browser lists input and output variables and properties for SSC modules. See SAM SDK.